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Great Gifts for $50 or Less

Affordable good stuff for the Secret Santas and party hostesses in your lifeREAD

2014's Best Beauty Buys

More than 6,000 industry insiders picked the year's most amazing products—here are 20 for youREAD

Could You Give Your Embryos to a Stranger?

An investigation into the ethical, emotional and religious implications of donating IVF embryosREAD

More's Reading List

An easy guide to all of the books we've reviewed in 2014READ

Meredith Vieira: On The Ride of Her Life

After having her share of personal setbacks, her professional life has never been sweeterREAD

Ultimate Anti-Aging Meal Plan

Foods that keep you young and fight disease. Plus, two weeks of recipes you needREAD
meal plan image
Holiday Wardrobe Essentials
Refresh your festive look with these new takes on classic holiday dressing SEE SLIDESHOW
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Shoes & Accessories

Geometric jewelry
Not-So-Plain Geometric Jewelry
Architecturally inspired jewelry makes the angles and curves of geometry much more exciting SEE SLIDESHOW
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Celebrities, Movies, TV & Music

monica potter image
Monica Potter Opens Up About the Importance of Family
The "Parenthood" actress has found her second act—one with roots in her hometown and childhood home READ
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Second Acts

Judy Berry
What She Couldn't Do for Her Mother
Judy Berry created a program that is saving patients from dementia READ
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The Best Hair Products of the Year
We revealed the best hair products of the year on "The Meredith Vieira Show" READ
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amy adams hair image
Best Holiday Hairstyles
Find the perfect holiday hairstyle in one of these party-ready looks SEE SLIDESHOW
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Money & Finance

Find a financial plan
A Financial Plan for Minimalists—and Maximalists
Use these five strategies to make the most of your cash READ
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Careers & Work

Go from Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur
Your great new business is already in your head. Here's how to unlock it READ
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Celebrities, Movies, TV & Music

Meredith Vieira
Our Cover Stars Answer the 'MORE Questionnaire'
Our cover stars open up about aging gracefully and lessons they've learned SEE SLIDESHOW
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11 Chic Hairstyles
These 11 stylish hairstyles are truly DIY SEE SLIDESHOW
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2014 More Than Just a Beauty Search Winners

Get Inspired! The four winners share their beauty tips and stories of overcoming life's big obstacles

Anti Aging

New Beauty Rules at 30, 40, 40, & 60
What to do, at what age to do it—and the mistakes you should avoid READ
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Clever Gifts and Great Reads for Book Lovers
kalman book image
Bibliophiles will love these eye-catching books and smart accessories SEE SLIDESHOW
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Healthy Eating

17 Strategies for Smarter Holiday Eating
Follow these dietitian-approved food rules to keep your weight fixed. SEE SLIDESHOW
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Your Letters

We Hear You! Letters from Our November 2014 Issue
November cover
Leave a comment here or send us your feedback by letter or email—we love hearing your thoughts! READ
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