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10 Career Lessons from Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg

The Facebook IPO has reminded us once again of the massive success of the company’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg. With her 27 million shares, including 25 million restricted stock units that have vested, plus more than 14 million unvested units that aren’t counted in her net worth calculation, she will have $1.6 billion in paper riches by the end of 2012. This will place her in the very small and exclusive group of female self-made billionaires. So how did the Harvard grad do it? Business Insider’s Nicolas Carlson wrote:

“Sandberg is much more than your typical COO. She runs the ad business. She’s the “adult supervision,” and she’s one of the company’s more public faces. It’s also likely that Facebook had to pay up to get Sandberg when it got her. At the time, Facebook was only a couple years old and its young founder had already blown through two other top lieutenants; Sean Parker and Owen Van Natta. And it’s not like Sandberg didn’t already have a good job: she was running Google’s self-service ad sales organization. She’s also told interviewers that she was being recruited to be CEO at other companies.”

Sandberg is more the face of Facebook than CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg with her well-respected media personality. She has become a great spokesmen and resource for professional women. We thought we would highlight some of her best career lessons.

photo via Vogue