Who Made Time’s List of 100 Fashion Icons?

Top style notables range from Armani to Warhol

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter
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We love a good list, so naturally we pounced on Time magazine’s roundup of the “100 most influential fashion icons since 1923, the beginning of Time ... magazine.”

Divided into five categories (designers and brands; models; muses; photographers; and editors and stylists), it’s a who’s who of everyone from Zelda Fitzgerald and David Bowie (muses) to Coco Chanel and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (designers) to Twiggy and Gisele Bundchen (models) to Herb Ritts and Annie Leibovitz (photographers) to Eleanor Lambert and Isabella Blow (editors and stylists).

Talk about your all-star roster. If only we could bring the likes of Andy Warhol, Michael Jackson, Jean Harlow, Irving Penn, Patricia Field, Jean Shrimpton, Manolo Blahnik and Louis Vuitton all together. Now that would be a meeting of fashionable minds.

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