What the MORE Editors Will Be Doing During Super Bowl XLVI

While the Giants and Patriots are running around the field in the Super Bowl, we'll be...

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The competition, the secret game plans, the suspense, the blindsiding . . . in the Super Bowl? No, I’ll be watching Downton Abbey! --Mary Beth Protomastro, Copy Chief


I have a pizza blog which I maintain as a fun hobby and the Super Bowl is the perfect excuse to write a fun post on the day’s greasy splurge foods. My friends and I are all getting together at one of our apartments and will certainly order numerous trays of pizza. While everyone critiques the QB’s pass, I’ll be taking notes on the crust’s consistency... and of course will pay attention every now and then to the commercials. --Jamie Miles, Editorial Assistant

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I can summarize my plan for the day in one word: counterprogramming. The last time I tried to like football was when I was in my twenties and dating. I would go to Superbowl parties and try to seem enthusiastic, then disappear into the bathroom with a book. Now, as a long-married, I am able to drop all pretense and just do what I like while my husband watches the game. And what I like is to watch old movies that are the opposite of the Superbowl—pure estrogen lollipops like Kate and Leopold (Hugh Jackman not as an X-man but as a 19th century nobleman to swoon for), The Nun’s Story (Audrey Hepburn in a non-comedy, non-fashion plate role—though her nun’s habit was designed by Givenchy) and the movie version of Camelot (the young Vanessa Redgrave totally ravishing as Guinevere). --Judy Coyne, Executive Editor


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I will be watching the fifth season of The Wire on Netflix or catching up on Showtime’s Homeland—or, if the game drags on, both! --Susan Toepfer, Features Editor/Entertainment


I’m just going to a party at a friend’s house. Unfortunately nothing exciting. --Danielle Kosecki, Health Writer


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I will either be reading, drawing, painting my nails or organizing my closet while my boyfriend yells, screams, cries and claps overzealously at the television. --Daniela Jelaska, Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief/Assistant Editor


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Two possibilities: walking in a nearby nature preserve with my dog; catching up on Downton Abbey episodes that I missed. --Stephanie von Hirschberg, Features Editor


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I will be eating pizza and blue and white cupcakes (for the Giants, natch), along with eight rabid football fans, aged 8-13. --Genevieve Monsma, Beauty Director


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Watching a “suck-y movie,” (as my husband would say) on my computer with headphones on. --Debra Bishop, Creative Director


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I’m needlepointing. --Susan Avery, Digital Director


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If all goes as planned, by time the game is in the endless fourth quarter, I will be reclining, glass of wine at the ready, watching Downton Abbey. --Ila Stanger, Managing Editor


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I'll be watching my friends watch the Super Bowl while pigging out on my favorite foods, chicken wings and Italian heroes. --Nicole Papantoniou, Web Assistant


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The Super Bowl is this Sunday? That should tell you how much my plans are revolving around the event. --Susan Swimmer, Fashion Features Editor


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First Published February 3, 2012

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