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5 Essential Terms for...

5 Essential Terms for New Etsy Sellers

The online world of uses many unique terms and phrases. Just what exactly does it mean to “make it to the Front Page” or “work on your SEO?” Here are the five most important terms you need to know when starting a shop on Etsy.

Front Page
The most exposure you can get in a short time frame is making it onto Etsy’s Front Page. Also known as the FP, the website’s homepage features rotating items that come from an existing Treasury (see below). Etsy Admins pick the most beautiful Treasuries and put them on the FP, often according to the season or holiday. Amazing item photography is crucial to Etsy selling because the more Treasuries you’re included in, the greater your chance of FP glory!

If your item listing is lucky enough to make it onto the Front Page, it will get hundreds (or even thousands) of views in the hour or so that it’s promoted. Even the curator of the Treasury will get lots of shop views. Other areas of Etsy’s main page are used for shopping categories and newly listed items, but the most direct views come from the Treasury chosen for the FP.

A Treasury is best described as a curated collection of Etsy items put together by anyone on the site, including both buyers and sellers. They are inspired by a particular theme, color, holiday, etc. Treasuries are a fun and easy way to promote other sellers, so try not to include your own items. Think of it as creating good Etsy karma!

Find the Treasury area by clicking on the link under “More Ways to Shop” on the Etsy homepage. Here you can view new Treasuries, create your own, and view older lists you have created. To find Treasuries with your own items included, type your shop name into the box that says “Search in Treasuries” and they will appear. You can “Heart” or “Favorite” the list so it will be seen by even more people through your “Activity Feed,” as well as sharing it on Facebook and Twitter. Learn more about the importance of Treasuries in this previous post.

You will hear this term over and over on Etsy, and it sounds pretty strange at first. It stands for “Search Engine Optimization,” which is basically a way to optimize your shop so it’s found on Google and Etsy searches. Tackle the basics of Etsy SEO step-by-step, starting with researching keywords and how to place them in your shop. Looking up “Etsy SEO” on Google will give you an abundance of information to apply to your online shop. With targeted optimization, shoppers will be drawn in, so this term is essential for selling on Etsy.

Located in the “Community” section of the site, Forums are a hub of information for sellers and buyers on Etsy. It’s organized into five different “Teams,” including “Announcements,” “Site Help,” “Business Topics,” “Ideas,” and “Bugs.” You should join all of these in order to comment and participate (except the Admin-only “Announcements”). Forums are a great place to search for answers to your selling questions, just be sure not to discuss specific transactions there.

In one of my last posts I explained the benefits of joining Etsy Teams. Teams are groups that share a common interest or purpose- like Etsy selling, charitable causes, location, promotion, and more. Thousands of Teams exist on Etsy, and there’s even the option to start a new one. The Forums (see above) are technically Teams, so make sure to join all of these so you can keep up-to-date on site news. Manage these groups and find new ones in the “Community” section of Etsy.

Now that you’ve learned the five most important terms for Etsy selling, use them as resources to improve your shop!
What are some things that still confuse you about selling on Etsy?