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7 Habits of...

7 Habits of Ineffective Women

1. Crying in Meetings

I think it’s about time we realized that no matter how bad a performance review or brutal a boss, it’s never worth smudging our eye makeup. Plus it freaks people out.

2. Candy on Your Desk

It doesn’t need to be your responsibility to ensure that everybody in the office is sugared up. And this one is for men too. Unless it’s Halloween.

3. Divulging Too Much Information

A hard stop is a hard stop. No need to explain if it’s for your hair or your kids. You never hear men say they have to be out at five for the fantasy baseball championships.

4. Worrying Too Much about What People Think

If you need to make someone stay late, or tell them their work was appalling, go for it. Don’t worry about them thinking you’re a bitch. Chances are, if you’re a manager, they will anyway, because that’s currently the most common profile associated with powerful women, and that’s not something you can tackle today.

5. Constantly Apologizing

Whether it’s for a mistake, or for not knowing something that you should, resist the urge to act like your behavior needs to be forgiven. You’re at the job because you’re competent. So get over it and move on.

6. Dressing Like a Tart, or a Man

Somewhere between a corset and a boxy grey suit lies your perfect professional get-up. Maintain your personality, but try not to draw more attention to your wardrobe than to your brains.

7. Forgetting to Take the Credit

This is definitely something women can learn from men. Giving credit where it is due is a critical skill in the professional world, but attributing credit to anything other than themselves is something that women can stand to do less of.

This article is reprinted from WomenCo.