Black & White

A classic color scheme gets an update with easy, wearable shapesREAD
black and white clothes image

Katie Holmes: The Ultimate Second Act

How she survived global fame—and created her own joyREAD
katie holmes image

How to Get Fuller Lashes in a Blink

Survey the lash landscape and find what's right for youREAD
eyelash image

To Give Life More Meaning, Give Back

How Dayle Haddon found the path to deeper satisfactionREAD
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Spotlight on the World's Rape Crisis

Leslee Udwin launches a global initiativeREAD

The Rewards of Voluntourism

How to make your next vacation more fulfillingREAD
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blue stone image
Rhapsody in Blue
The power of the blue stone endures SEE SLIDESHOW
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Inspiring Women to Fight for Their Rights
In Suffragette, Sarah Gavron dramatizes how British activists earned women the right to vote READ
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carrie fisher image
In Her Words: Carrie Fisher
Actress, inspiration, glitter devotee READ
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rachel weisz image
Rachel Weisz
This is one Oscar winner who isn't afraid to say exactly what's on her mind READ
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8 New Books to Read
Reads that will shake and stir you SEE SLIDESHOW
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Dec/Jan Carnal Knowledge
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Can a new drug really increase women's sexual desire? READ
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Reinvention & Money

Satisfying Her Heart's Desire
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From Department of Homeland Security attorney to ice cream shop owner READ
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Member Voices

We Hear You! Letters from Our December 2015/January 2016 issue
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Leave a comment here or send us your feedback by letter or email—we love hearing your thoughts! READ
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