5 Things You Didn't Know about Bravo's Andy Cohen

Little known facts about the man who brought you the Real Housewives

by Samantha Lear
Andy Cohen Most Talkative book
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Andy Cohen's recently-released memoir, Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture, tells how Cohen, a longtime TV fanatic, acheived his dream of working in television—and how he eventually found his way in front of the cameras. (Cohen acts as a mediator for all the Real Housewives reunions and hosts his own late-night talk show, Watch What Happens Live, which airs at 11pm EST Sunday through Thursday.) Here, five things you may not have known about the Bravo executive:

1. He has a history with the Chen-bot
In college, Cohen interned at CBS This Morning with current The Talk co-host, Julie Chen. At the time, he wasn’t a big fan of Chen, as she would skip out of work early to see her boyfriend. Chen went on to anchor CBS This Morning and married the head of CBS, and the two are friends today.

2. He never thought he’d make it as an on-screen personality
As an intern, a producer told him that his “wandering eye might keep you from any on-air career.” Before that comment, Cohen had never noticed anything unusual about his eyes. We bet that producer is eating his words now!

3. He covered serious news for CBS
Cohen was hired straight out of college to be a newsclerk for CBS. He was at the network for 10 years—working his way up to senior producer—and was on the scene for some of the biggest stories in the country, including the Joey Buttafuoco scandal, the Mississippi and Missouri River floods and the Oklahoma City bombings.

4. He once was a go-go dancer
Big fans of the B-52s, Cohen and his friend were invited to dance onstage at one of the band's concerts. Though dealing with symptoms of Lyme disease at the time, he wouldn't let anything get in the way of showing off his moves to “Rock Lobster!"

5. Cybill Shepherd once pitched him a show—while they both were shirtless
While working in programming for the now defunct network, TRIO, Cohen met with a very eccentric and flirty Cybill Shepherd who was pitching a reality show featuring her and a friend. Perhaps trying a little too hard, Shepherd whipped off her shirt, citing the heat, and strongly suggested Cohen do the same. To this day, he says it’s the “kookiest” celebrity pitch meeting he’s ever had!

To hear a clip from the audiobook narrated by Andy Cohen himself, CLICK HERE. Clip courtesy of Macmillan Audio.


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