Jiffy Lube Franchisee Cautions Women Against Working From Home

Joye Griffin has entrepreneurialism in her blood. The successful Jiffy Lube franchisee and her husband, Dave, turned a small car wash business into 54 stores in a little over a decade. Here, she shares her tips of the trade with MORE. An edited version of the interview follows.

by Samantha Lear
Joye Griffin Jiffy Lube franchise business owner
Joye Griffin, Jiffy Lube franchisee, visits each of her 54 service centers every three weeks
Photograph: Courtesy of Getty Images

More: You now own 54 locations in Colorado, Utah and Nevada. How do you do it all?
JG: Our three sons are also involved in the business and we divide up and visit every store. We have trainings, management meetings, talk to customers and observe the facilities. I watch what’s happening at each customer touch point to make sure that the customer is being serviced to our standards.

More: What’s the biggest challenge or obstacle that you’ve faced?
JG: Our biggest challenge is not being there more often and keeping our employees well-trained and up-to-date. A lot of people will say to us “you just change oil, how hard can that be?” They have no idea of all the different manufacturers and the different requirements for each vehicle.

More: Any surprises about your chosen path?
JG: It’s a 24/7 job and we’re okay with that. When you’re a business owner, you really don’t have time off. We try really hard to keep that balance, but things happen. For instance, I just got back and found out that there’s been a big fire in Reno. So we’ve been emailing back and forth with our employees there, making sure that their families are okay.

More: What makes a woman successful in business?
JG: I’ve found two things that I really admire. First, they usually lead by example. Whatever it is they’re asking of their employees, they’re also doing it themselves. Second, they give back to their community.

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First Published December 12, 2011

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