Editor's Picks: Men with Great Hair

When it comes to good hair, these Hollywood hunks have it down pat. Here, the 20 men with locks so lustrous, you'll want to run your fingers through 'em

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Patrick Dempsey

McDreamy’s hair has a life of it’s own: It’s been obsessively discussed across the Internet on fan blogs and news sites alike. So it comes as no surprise that Dempsey met his wife in, of all places, a hair salon.


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Simon Baker

"I cut my own hair most of the time," the Aussie actor told People. "You just do it all by feel."


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Brad Pitt

Brad, Brad, Brad. We love your sun-kissed, dirty blonde hair, and we even love the longer style. Just promise us to wash it more often? You’re so dapper when you do.


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Taylor Kitsch

The Friday Night Lights star cut his hair to play a clean-cut military office in the upcoming action flick, Battleship, but to us, Taylor Kitsch always be Tim Riggins. Texas Forever.

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Jean Dujardin

The French actor made a splash stateside when he starred in (and won an Oscar for) The Artist. We'd like to give him our own award for this sleek red carpet look.


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We’ll pour one out for the R&B crooner's iconic 'fro.  Maxwell, who cut his signature locks back in 2009, said "You get the occasional 'Oh baby you need to grow your hair back' [from fans] but I take it with love. I'm just happy that people are overlooking it, that my career wasn't built on a hairstyle."

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Bradley Cooper

The Hangover director Todd Phillips once told People’s Sexiest Man Alive, “'We're going to turn you into a leading man, but first we have to grow your hair.”  It worked!

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George Clooney

Some guys have all the luck: Oscar nominations, hot model girlfriends and a full head of hair. No wonder men across America envy George Clooney.


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Dennis Farina

The one-time Law & Order star not only played a cop on the small screen, but in real life, too.  (Farina served with the Chicago police for 18 years.) He’s kept the same Chevron style mustache along the way.


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Joshua Bowman

Revenge's resident playboy has a casual crop that says, “I’m just here to have fun.”


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Robert Pattinson

If Helen of Troy’s face launched a thousand ships, Pattinson’s hair launched a million Twihard screams.


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Jason Momoa

While starring in the sci-fi series Stargate: Atlantis Momoa famously chopped off his long dreadlocks. (The weight on his head gave him chronic headaches——and even caused the actor to suffer from whiplash during action scenes.) Thankfully, he grew some of it back for his role in Conan the Barbarian.


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Gerard Butler

Gossip blogs have criticized the Scottish actor for dying his grays, but Butler's having the last laugh here. We did a bit of research and found a fan tribute video on Youtube to, yes, his hair.


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John Krasinki

We love this Boston boy’s preppy New England cut.


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Prince Harry

Wills might have gotten the girl (and throne), but younger brother Harry hit the genetic jackpot. Among his prizes: A full head of vibrant red hair.

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Arun Nayar

Liz Hurley’s ex is worth millions, but we like him for his head of thick, dark hair.

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David Beckham

The international soccer superstar has changed looks so many times, we've lost count!  He’s rocked cornrows, a mohawk, ponytails, headbands and a style we can only describe as 90s boy band. We prefer this tailored LA look best.


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Daniel Dae Kim

Our fingers might get Lost running through Kim's perfectly coiffed mane.


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Tom Cruise

The actor has been somewhat of a style chameleon. From shaggy to short, cropped to buzzed, the Rock of Ages star has covered it (almost) all.


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Robert Downey Jr.

We love this Iron Man's hair best tousled.


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First Published March 14, 2012

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