Plus-Size ‘Adele’ Mannequin Sales Up in U.K.

Orders for size 12–and–up dress forms are gaining in popularity

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Karl Lagerfeld may think Grammy-hoarding superstar Adele needs to slim down (he called her “a little too fat” recently), but there’s no denying the recent demand in U.K. stores for mannequins close in size to the singer’s curvy shape.

London’s Telegraph reports mannequin companies in the U.K. are getting more and more orders for dress forms in size 12 and up. For instance, at Displaysense, which supplies mannequins to some of the biggest clothing chains in Britain, sales of plus-size versions are up 16 percent, according to the newspaper. 

“Lagerfeld may want size 0 on his catwalk, but the commercial viability of the growing plus-size clothing market is being seized by high street chains and independent retailers alike,” Jim Moody, a Displaysense exec, tells the Telegraph.

And, honestly, it’s hard to fault anyone for wanting to look like Adele, now, isn’t it?

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First Published February 22, 2012

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