Editors' Picks: 12 Activities That Keep Us Young

Here's where MORE editors find the fountain of youth.

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Letting My Kids Control the Radio

At first I hate their music choices, but after a while all that thumping and bumping rap actually begins to grow on me. My kids were horrified when I played my iPod during thanksgiving dinner and it was all their stuff: They didn't think eating to Diddy’s Coming Home was cool—until they got used to it!


—Lesley Jane Seymour, Editor-in-Chief

Izabela Habur

Riding My Bike

I love to ride along the Hudson and East Rivers in New York, where the breeze off the water on a hot summer day reminds me of trips to the beach as a kid.


—Nanette Varian, Features Editor

Sophia Tsibikaki

Going on "Dates"

No matter how long you’ve been with someone it’s nice to have them surprise you with a fully planned date night. It makes me feel like we are on one of our first dates, especially when we go to a nice restaurant or play.


—Susanne Bamberger, Assistant Art Director

diego cervo

Saying Om

I love how yoga stretches out all the congested, tense areas of my body, and works on my mind as well. I have a 20-minute routine I do a few times a week.


—Stephanie von Hirschberg, Features Editor

Trista Weibell

Dancing With My 8-Year-Old Son

Kids don’t judge you (or your running-man prowess) so I can be uninhibited.


—Genevieve Monsma, Beauty Director

Kevin Russ

Inline Skating

Rollerblading always takes me back to the fourth grade, when I first learned how to skate. It’s so relaxing and freeing. I love the adrenaline rush.


—Nicole Papantoniou, More.com Web Assistant


Rediscovering Things I Love

Doing things that I did before those looong years of working motherhood—when there was no time to shower much less do things just for fun—keeps me young. For example: going to the movies alone on Saturday afternoon. I’d sit on the aisle and bring a book to read until the lights went down. I used to do that all the time, and then I didn’t do it for, oh, almost 20 years. During my son’s first semester at college I did it again...went alone to an art film at the Angelika in Manhattan...and damn if I didn’t feel 25 again.


—Judy Coyne, Executive Editor

Robert Kyllo

Splurging on Salmon

I love seafood but am not very good about buying and preparing it at home. Ordering salmon when I dine out ensures I get some extra age-erasing omega-3s in my diet.


—Danielle Kosecki, Health Writer


Letting Loose

I especially love flashback dance parties. You can lose calories while boogying down to some of your favorite classic tunes. For added fun: Buy some funky clothes to feel as if it’s the Dirty Dancing days all over again.


—Jamie Miles, Editorial Assistant

Doing Intervals

Visceral fat—the kind that accumulates around your internal organs—can up your risk for heart disease, diabetes and other disease.Following Dr. Pamela Peeke’s interval-training method definitely keeps my stomach slim.


—Lesley Jane Seymour, Editor in Chief


Doing Something Novel

Taking a trip, studying a different language, or trying a new activity are all ways to remind ourselves that we still have things to learn and ways to keep growing.


—Susanne Bamberger, Assistant Art Director


Embracing My Age

I don’t believe in keeping young. I just believe in being.


—Susan Toepfer, Contributing Entertainment/Features Editor


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Jacob Wackerhausen

First Published August 16, 2011

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