Afraid to Fly? Marion Blakey Talks Travel Safety

The Aerospace Industries Association president and CEO helps put your mind at ease

by Lesley Kennedy
marion blakey image
Marion Blakey says air travel is extremely safe.
Photograph: Aerospace Industries Association

MORE: What's next in aviation?
MB: Next year, you’re going to see Virgin Galactic begin to fly passengers—as they term it, private astronauts—to a height that puts you weightless, and there’s a whole long queue of people who have paid $200,000 a ticket to do it. To my mind, that’s great; I like that this is all pushing into a new area of flight and, really, the ability for a private citizen to access space. But that isn’t transportation; that falls into adventure sport and that’s a different category. I haven’t put my money down yet, I will tell you. But if I had an extra $200,000 lying around, I might.

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