Alison Sweeney: Survivor in Daytime, 'Loser' at Night

Alison Sweeney is not letting the disappearance of daytime TV get to her. Like her famous character Sami on "Days of Our Lives" who gets what she wants, the award-winning actress is determined to keep her series a success and on the air.

by Ilyssa Panitz • Celebrity Reporter
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Photograph: Robert Trachtenberg

More: For your latest venture you are teaming up with Crest & Oral-B for Life?
Alison Sweeney: One of the main things that drew me to this partnership was the Life Opens Up Project. The contest asks people to submit a video and answer the question, When was having a healthy mouth the turning point for your success at work or in your love life? For me, having a healthy mouth gives me confidence to take that next step.

More: Contest? What does the winner get for sending in the best video?
AS: The winner gets a chance to be on The Rachael Ray Show.

More: So having a set of pearly whites is that important to you, since appearance is everything in Hollywood?
AS: I have been in front of the camera since I was four years old, so yes, appearance is important. But to me, having a healthy mouth is too, because you don’t want people looking at something gross, especially when you are shooting a close-up. The one thing they are looking at when the camera is near you is your mouth. I think everyone in this industry puts an emphasis on having a great smile.

More: How are your kids when the time comes for brushing their teeth? Is it a struggle?
AS: We try to make it a fun activity that we can do together.

More: Speaking of good health, you shed a lot of weight?
AS: Yes, I documented on how I lost my baby weight.

More: Did people make any hurtful comments about the extra pounds you carried, since you are a public figure?
AS: No. In fact, I found people were supportive of me and my journey. It is territory you don’t give new moms a hard time about.

More: What made you lose weight?
AS: For me, being healthy is the key, and what I focus on. Look at The Biggest Loser. The goal of this program is to teach people how to be healthy. Being a certain size or being able to fit into a certain dress is not important. What matters is being healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

More: Did you feel the pressure to lose the baby weight quickly because you star on two successful programs, one of which centers around weight?
AS: I put the pressure on myself. I had my daughter in January and then had the finale in May. I set a goal, that I wanted to be back in shape for the finale. I put the pressure on myself and did not let the public influence me. If anything, I felt a responsibility to the show and the people on the show.

More: Why?
AS: I owed them the respect of putting hard work into myself to lose the weight, just like they were doing on the program.

More: How did you put pressure on yourself?
AS: I set realistic goals and I worked hard to achieve them—for example, making time for the gym and keeping track of my calories.

More: Is it a struggle to keep the weight off?

AS: It is constant. Every meal I have, I try to make a healthy choice. I need to stay on a positive routine and not go on the negative path, which is eating poorly.

More: What is your idea of exercise?
AS: I mix it up. I usually go to the gym for 45 minutes. I also hike, walk and work out with fitness DVDs.

More: What’s your food weakness?
AS: Home-baked goods. I do a lot of baking with my son. Store-bought stuff and candy is not tempting to me.

More: Jillian Michaels has left The Biggest Loser
AS: Yes.

More: Are you worried the dynamic of the show will change?
AS: I am happy that the show is so positive and always focuses on the contestants. The show is about these participants and their journey to get healthy. I feel that is what the fans embrace and follow, because these contestants inspire people.

First Published August 10, 2011

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