5 Amazon Kindle Quick-Reads

Want a satisfying read that takes just an hour or two? Download our top Kindle Singles--mini helpings of fiction and non-fiction--from Amazon.com

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'Up the Down Volcano' by Sloane Crosley

This sharp-witted urbanite huffs it up a volcano in South America with a couple of guides who say nothing but Tranquillo(Be calm) as she combats altitude sickness, bitter cold, giant insects and, of course, her period. Travel lit with a wry twist. (Self-published)


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'Rules for Virgins' by Amy Tan

The Kama Sutrahas nothing on this fictional instruction manual by a veteran (read, 35-year-old) courtesan in 1912 Shanghai, on the arts of seduction. Eat a peach, trill your voice, and “when you touch a man’s nostalgia, he is yours.” If you still think a “stem” is part of a flower, read on. (Byliner)


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'The Kalinka Affair: A Father’s Hunt for his Daughter' by Joshua Hammer

After a young French girl is mysteriously found dead in her bedroom, her father spends decades obsessively hunting the killer. A riveting true tale of justice delayed—and satisfyingly delivered. (Atavist)


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'I’m Starved for You' by Margaret Atwood

This racy dystopian fiction proves that even when the government controls where you live and orchestrates your every move, it’s still possible to fool around—and hopelessly complicate yourlife. (Byliner)


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'Second Son' by Lee Child

Crime novelist Child envisions his broody detective Jack Reacher as a 13-year-old military brat living in cold-war Okinawa. As he comes of age, Reacher makes hay on the beach, gets the best of a bully and saves the day (if not the free world) with his usual tight-lipped panache. (Delacorte Press)

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