Sex Survey: ‘Hotlanta’ Earns Its Name

Trojan reports Atlanta, Miami are the nation’s sexiest cities

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

There’s a reason they call it “Hotlanta.”

According to a recent survey by the folks at Trojan condoms, Atlanta boasts one of the nation’s most sexually adventurous populations (at 71 percent), and its residents have the highest sex drive in America (scoring a 7.2 on a scale of 1 to 10).

Also heating things up are the well-tanned people of Miami, where 73 percent report being satisfied sexually (the highest number in the nation) and having sex the most often—177 times a year. Must have something to do with all the sun, sand and piña coladas. 

The survey also notes the American cities with the longest lovemaking sessions (Dallas),  the most faked orgasms (Dallas, again—apparently, those sessions are too long), the least amount of sex and shortest sessions (Bay Area) and the least likely to fake it (Bay Area, again). Do we sense a theme here? Apparently, it’s time to cut to the quickie.

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