If You Make Beer Pink, Women Will Drink

Brewer hoping a cute color will help draw more women to a new beer.

By Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

When it comes to drinking, we tend to follow Homer Simpson’s lead: “Mmmm . . . beer.”

But not all women share our sentiment for suds. Molson Coors thinks it can change that, however, by turning beer pink.

The New York Daily News reports the brewer’s new Animée, launching soon in the U.K., has 4 percent alcohol and lemony and rosé flavors, and is being marketed to the fairer sex.

There’s definitely room for improvement when it comes to reaching women in the beer market. According to the newspaper, a 2008 Portfolio magazine survey found women constitute just a quarter of beer drinkers, and, Molson Coors says, 79 percent of women don’t drink beer because they find it causes bloat and weight gain.

Bloat, schmoat. We return to the wise words of Homer Simpson: “Homer no function beer well without.”

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First Published July 25, 2011

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