‘Anna Rexia’ Costume Yanked from Website

Skeleton dress came with tape measure and a bone for your hair.

By Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

Tasteless Halloween costumes are nothing new. You know the types—sexual getups that would certainly make your mother blush, cultural guises that could (and probably should) get you beat up, and any character from Jersey Shore.

But dressing up like an anorexic? Now that’s just shameful.

If buying the “Anna Rexia” from costume retailer Ricky’s was high on your holiday to-do list, you’ll have to try again. The Village Voice reports the ensemble, featuring a black dress emblazoned with a skeleton and accessorized with a tape measure and a bone for your hair, was removed from the Ricky’s website after media reports outed it.

“It makes light of something really serious,” William Walters of the National Eating Disorders Association tells the newspaper. “It’s hard for us to find it funny.”

Funny? No. Scary-stupid? Yes. Best stick with Snooki again this year.

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First Published September 23, 2011

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