Anti-Aging Skin Care for Combination-Skin Types

The usual combination-skin division: oilier in the T-zone (nose, chin, forehead) and normal to dry everywhere else. Your goal? To treat both skin types without compromising the condition of one for the other.

By Emily Listfield

PLUMP The oilier parts of your face will age more slowly than your cheeks and eyes (at least all that se-bum is good for something!). So to keep the areas out-side your T-zone from
sagging ahead of the rest of your face, most dermatologists suggest adding to your regimen a product that increases collagen production. A tretinoin or retinol will help somewhat, but you can boost results with a collagen-building, peptide-rich product on cheeks and under the eyes (if you don’t opt for a separate eye product; see the option below) after applying your retinoid. USE AM AND PM.

CLEAR OUT Because your T-zone is oilier, you can still get blackheads and whiteheads around your nose. Using a clay mask once a week helps draw out pore-clogging debris and excess oil. Or for more immediate results, try a blackhead-extracting strip like Bioré’s. USE AS NEEDED.

GIVE EYES EXTRA TLC The skin in the eye area is more similar to your cheeks than to your shiny T-zone. So it could use a moisturizing anti-aging treatment nightly to keep that thin, quick-to-crepe area smooth. USE PM ONLY. 


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First Published February 27, 2012

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