Anti-Aging Skin Care for Normal Skin Types

You have no dry patches or breakouts to contend with, and your skin has a slight sheen (enviously called dewy by drier-skinned friends). However, like the rest of us, as you age, you’ll have to deal with fine lines, some sagging and possibly uneven tone. So your primary goal now is to protect the genetically blessed complexion you’ve got—and minimize signs of aging

By Emily Listfield

LAYER SERUMS Vitamin A, antioxidants and peptides are often touted by MDs as the anti-aging in-gredients with the best track records. However, there are many other products that boost collagen production, help with exfoliation and leave skin looking younger. These products don’t yet have dec-ades of clinical research behind them, but in spite of that, many experts testify that they work. Since your skin type is the most tolerant, you’re in the best po-sition to give them a go. Layer them on top of your tretinoin or retinol or use one instead of your retinoid on alternating nights. USE AS DIRECTED.

HYDRATE YOUR EYES To target fine lines, dark circles, puffiness (or whatever your eye issue is), you need more than a daily moisturizer. For more dramatic results, pat on a specialty product. USE AM AND PM.


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First Published February 27, 2012

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