Anti-Aging Skincare for Oily Skin Types

Thanks to hormonal fluctuations caused by peri-menopause and exacerbated by stress, many women in their thirties and forties are finding themselves battling the oil and pimples they thought they’d left in the rearview mirror, says Jaliman. If this is your skin type, here’s your goal: to cleanse thoroughly each day and use products that speed up skin-cell turn-over, both of which will minimize the likelihood of pore clogging.

By Emily Listfield

DEEP-CLEAN A clay mask, used once a week, absorbs excess oils (helping to prevent blackheads and small pimples), and the minerals in clay soothe irritation and calm breakout-related redness. Some products also contain sulfur, which helps kill bacteria—always a plus for the pimple prone. USE AM OR PM.

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First Published February 27, 2012

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I wanted to thank you so much for this article. When I read it, and I have acne prone skin, I realized I was probably using the wrong cleanser. I purchased a new one based on the recommendation in the article and just a few days later I have the skin I've been waiting for. It really was that quick of a transformation. Thank you!

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