Hey, Sport! Most Wives Would Cheat with David Beckham

Survey finds the soccer star is the most desirable athlete among married women

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter
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They have muscles galore, those sexy won’t-quit attitudes and—well, let’s just say they know how to rock a uniform. No wonder women fantasize about cheating on their hubbies with athletes.

The New York Post reports a recent survey from the dating site AshleyMadison.com finds—no big surprise here—soccer stud David Beckham is the jock most women (43.1 percent) would want to, uh, score with.

Next? New York Jets football pro Tim Tebow (19.6 percent)—maybe it’s the virgin thing?; New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (17.9 percent)—maybe it’s the married-to-Gisele thing?; New York Yankees Derek Jeter (16.5 percent) and Alex Rodriguez (13.2 percent)—maybe it’s the grand slam thing?; and Giants QB Eli Manning (8.5 percent)—um, maybe it’s a New York thing?

We can’t really argue here, but with the Olympic Games right around the corner, we have five words: United States men’s swim team. Score!

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