Return-to-Work Bonus Doubles Pay for New Moms

Insurance Australia Group says it will up a woman's salary for six weeks

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Many American moms-to-be are not only scared to tell their employers they’re pregnant, but freak out when they learn the conditions of their company's maternity leave policies.

If only U.S. businesses would take a page from the Aussies' Insurance Australia Group.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports the company has announced it will offer a bonus equal to six weeks' pay for the first six weeks a new mom comes back to work. Oh, and that’s after she gets 14 weeks’ leave at full pay.

“We need to be above the minimum because we want to make sure we attract and retain the best-quality talent we can,” IAG chief exec Mike Wilkins tells the newspaper. “Yes it's generous, but we're a business and it is about making sure we get quality people coming back to us.”

Yep, Mike Wilkins, it's official: You are our new favorite crush.

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