Christine O'Donnell with MORE's Christina Bellantoni

 The popular politician—unstyled, unphoto-shopped, uncensored—and the writer who tracked her down

Christine O'Donnell more magazine Christina Bellantoni
MORE writer Christina Bellantoni with Christine O'Donnell


This past winter, writer Christina Bellantoni traveled around the country, trying to understand what has right-wing women so fired up politically. Along the way, she met Christine O'Donnell—who agreed to sit for this snapshot. For the rest of the story, check out the May issue of MORE.


First Published April 19, 2011

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step885 05.08.2011

I am also an independent voter and thinker. However, I think that Christina Bellantoni did a great job of reporting the facts and opinions of what conservative women across America think and feel. Whether you agree or disagree with what the Tea Party or speakers she interviewed felt, she reported the truth of what they spoke without trying to water down their message or make it more palatable for the masses. There have been many times that the more liberal women in MORE have been interviewed verbatim, whether those were facts or opinions. As a devoted MORE reader, I much appreciated some balance by reporting on both sides. Great job, Christina!

I agree with Amuse, though I am a Progressive Democrat. Ms. Bellantni, for a woman educated at UC Berkeley, you blew it, big time.

Amuse 04.28.2011

I was rather dismayed by Christina Bellantoni's article on the conservative woman. As a registered Independent and an independent thinker, I have views on politics that I've developed by reading actual congressional documents, listening to and reading the words of various politicians and writers, studying history, and not by watching Fox News. Ms. Bellatoni's article on these women, while not exactly an endorsement, it certainly could not be called objective. She quotes several inane beliefs of various "new conservative women", (read: Tea Party), without bothering to offer, at least, brief asides rendering actual facts. (i.e.,some of these beliefs: that President Obama's healthcare plan is not a healthcare bill, it's a tax bill, President Obama is responsible for the current economic situation. C'mon Christina, how about a few facts?)
If Ms. Bellantoni set out to show us how and why Tea Party women are Tea Party woman, (despite the clear message that really are not wanted or valued), she has failed. What she's given us are snippets of a few angry, confused and particularly ill-informed women's minds. I wish she'd asked these women why they want to give away the reproductive rights for themselves, their daughters, and millions of women whose lives they have no business meddling in? i wish she'd asked why they want to support legislation that will ultimately lead to the destruction of our environment, their children's future world, under the guise of freedom. I wish she'd asked these poor woman if they are aware of how hoodwinked they are? Do they know they're being taken for a ride? That all over this "great country of ours", a very few impossibly wealthy people are cackling to themselves as they read that Christi Becker had to borrow $200 to travel to Washington D.C. to support their lavish lifestyles? A lifestyle these people will never know.
It strikes me that Ms. Bellantoni is in a unique position of being able to make some of these women think. To ask some tough questions. Maybe even educate. We know how these people think; what I'd like to see is someone delve a little deeper. Maybe even help them. I'm sick of trying.

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