‘Hunger Games,’ ‘Thrones’ Inspiring Baby Names

Trendy names for 2012 take a cue from pop culture

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

Maybe babies named Katniss and Drogo won’t be taking over child-care facilities any time soon, but other names inspired by The Hunger Games and by Game of Thrones are heating up, Nameberry.com reports.

According to the baby name website, the trendiest names in 2012 so far, based on page views, are Senna and Cinna, with views up 1,500 percent for both from last year. Pop culture junkies know Senna is a vampire from the Twilight saga, and Cinna is a stylist from The Hunger Games.

Views of the name Arya, a key female character from Game of Thrones, are up more than 800 percent from last year. Caia, a part-lycan/part-witch in the Lunarmorte series, is also catching lots of views.

But for those who like to kick it a little more old school, consider Gatsby, coinciding nicely with the upcoming Leonardo DiCaprio movie, or Sybil, seeing a revival thanks to Downton Abbey’s Lady Sybil Crawley. Of course, you could always go way, way old school and name your next baby Zebulon. Also trending this year, the ancient name has ties not only to the Bible but also to the Old West. 

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