8 Anti-Aging Beauty Solutions

Fine lines and gray hair? No biggie. But what about those more embarrassing age-related changes not even your best friend will talk about? Here, solutions for stringy neck muscles, silly putty under-eye skin and more

by Emily Listfield
Photograph: Serge Bloch

I’m starting to resemble a Picasso painting: One side of my face sags; the other doesn’t. Am I aging lopsided?

“No one’s face is symmetrical, but the differences go undetected when we’re younger and more satisfied with our appearance,” says Brandt. “As we age, these asymmetries become more pronounced.” Even sleeping on the same side of your face for years can have a deleterious effect. If the sagging really bothers you, Brandt says you can have an upper-eyelid lift to remove excess skin on the saggier side. “For those not surgically inclined, you can restore volume and reduce laxity in the eyelid with a filler such as Restylane, followed by Botox,” he says. Of course, you don’t have to submit to a knife or needle; you can opt for a makeup brush instead. “Stick to matte eyeshadows,” Ahnert suggests. “Anything with frost will exacerbate the crepey effect.” She recommends applying a neutral bisque or shell pink all over the main lid, then using a medium-toned shadow (warm brown, taupey plum) in the crease, with this tweak: On the eye that sags more, apply the darker color higher on the fold to give the appearance of less skin.

My nails are less shiny and more ridged than they used to be. I’m fairly healthy. What’s the deal?

“Ridges in the nail are the equivalent of wrinkles in your skin,” explains Richard Scher, MD, a dermatologist. (Seriously, is nothing exempt?) “When there’s aging in the nail matrix—the part that supports growth—it becomes wavy. Light buffing will remove some of the bumpiness, but don’t overdo it. Buffing can thin the nail plate and leave it prone to breaking,” says Scher. Natasha Boyer, a nail technician at the Rita Hazan Salon in New York City, recommends using a ridge-filling base coat post-buff. “And avoid a sheer or shimmery polish. Those just draw attention to the ridges,” she says. Try Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener ($8; drugstores).

Ugh. I am constantly getting food stuck between my teeth. This never used to happen. What’s up?

Look on the bright side: Fear of public humiliation could be a very effective dieting tool. No? You actually like eating? Stash a handy flossing pick in your bag, then call your dentist. “As we age, the gum between our teeth thins and eventually recedes, leaving the ‘black triangle’ where food can catch,” says Michael Apa, DDS, who specializes in aesthetic dentistry in New York. There are two ways to combat this: orthodontia (Invisalign braces are clear and therefore a good choice for adults) and veneers. “Both methods change how the teeth meet the gum, closing off that gap and creating seemingly full, healthy gums,” Apa explains. You would have to wear the braces for several months to a year (with permanent results), while veneers take just two office visits (then last 15 to 20 years). Invisalign braces cost about $5,000 for the whole mouth, whereas veneers will run you $1,200 to $3,000 per tooth. To fix small gaps, some dentists use bonding, which costs about $1,000 per area. Oh, and one more thing: Friends do tell friends when they have spinach stuck in their teeth.

I’m seeing white spots all over my arms and legs. Are they dangerous?

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