Arms and the Woman

by Barbara L. Smith • Member { View Profile }

Obviously, this is one of those “gather ye rosebuds while ye may” topics. In my 20’s and 30’s, even my 40’s, I didn’t appreciate my sleek upper arms. They were always toned and tanned, and I took them for granted. With regret, I didn’t enjoy my great arms when I had them.  

 I can’t go back. The lesson learned is that I should take stock now. What do I have today that I had better appreciate because it might not be around forever? Well, for one, I am grateful that I still remember what I ate for breakfast and which movie I saw last night. I treasure the trace of wit and soupcon of wisdom I didn’t have when I had perfect arms. I value my ability to put words on paper in a way I couldn’t do when I had lower HDL. I am many “better” things: a better friend, a better lover, a better cook, a better conversationalist, a better driver … the attributes which I didn’t have when I had thicker hair.  

Oh, posh. Even with the compensations of age, I still, and will, always mourn the loss of my young, unblemished body. But the least I can do is become coordinated. I plan to shop for new curtains and will make sure they match the designs on my upper arms.


Barbara L. Smith is a humor columnist for the Norwalk (CT) Citizen, and an award-winning playwright.



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