Bikini Body at 41

by Wendy Johnson • Member { View Profile }

I am not hanging it up anytime soon! I love prancing in my bikini and watching heads spin…
its empowering to know we can look super hot and we don’t have to be 25!
Life has a way of surpising you!  I am happier , more fit and alive at 41 than I have ever been.
At 40, I ended a toxic 12 year marriage, went through a miserable divorce, and had to re invent
my life all over again. This was the same year my Father died of cancer and I was 
dealing with my Mother in early dementia— all by myself with no other help from family members.  
All of these things were horrible  but were also catalysts that made me dust
myself off and move on to become stronger than I ever knew I could be.
I have a new life, a wonderful new man , my skin  glows, my body is tight and I feel sexier and more beautiful
than when I was in my 20’s as a young model!  I constantly get asked
what my beauty secrets are ( I have had no plastic surgery on my face-not even Botox.)
 I am not opposed to it but I personally have not felt compelled to do anything yet. I stay out of the sun and always wear sunscreen-that is
what I think has made my skin look much younger than 41. I work out but not obsessively at the gym either.
I truly believe a big part of staying attractive and youthful looking is a happy love life (sex does promote plump youthful skin -a scientific fact ! ) , a positive attitude and living healthy.  Others pick up on inner happiness too, its truly does radiate outward.

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