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MORE's Beauty Director Genevieve Monsma is no stranger to juice cleanses. She's slogged through three in the past year and found that most fasts actually feel painfully slow. However, after facing down her 40th birthday (and over-eating her way through December) she decided to give one more cleanse a go before the calendar flipped to 2012. The result? Well, let's say this cleanse isn't called LOVE for nothing.

Organic Avenue
Organic Avenue's Love Deep Cleanse: What a day's menu looks like.

In the past, I've found juice cleanses to be beneficial. But not enjoyable.

And when I signed up for Organic Avenue's three-day Love Deep Cleanse, I figured it would be more of the same. Actually I thought it might be worse, since I'd elected to commit to the program on December 19, 20 and 21, in the midst of holiday chocolate and baked good deliveries to the MORE offices.

But I was wrong. Unlike other programs I've tried, the daily menu was diverse; of the seven juices I was assigned for Day One (and ditto Days Two and Three) there was not one repeat. This went a long way toward checking the "satiation" box. Plus the juices were good. The pear and carrot juices were my favorites; the coconut water was even tasty (and I'm no coconut water fan) and the evening coconut or cashew shakes resembled dessert. The "green" juices (typically containing spinach or swiss chard) weren't as delightful (ahem) but I only had to get one down a day. And I've had far worse.

The customer service was also noteworthy. I received a motivational email each evening that outlined the next day's program—along with some positive affirmations. I usually roll my eyes at that kind of touchy-feely-ness. But (between you and me) I did kind of enjoy them. The staff at the Lexington Avenue location in Manhattan were also incredibly helpful—and offered tips when I went in to pick up my juices each morning. On Day Three, when I said I'd struggled a bit with hunger the night before, they suggested I get a Chocolate Love Smoothie to sip between juices through the day. (Ingredients included water, dates, cashew, and cacao powder.) It was delicious and did the trick—I flew through Day Three without hunger pangs. In fact, Day Three may have been the easiest of all.

On the morning of December 22, I felt great. Not because I could eat solid foods again but because I felt like I'd done something good for my newly 40-year-old body before the New Year arrived. I'd also dropped a few pounds which hadn't been part of the plan, but in my book is never a bad thing.

I also look forward to my next Love Deep cleanse (and I can't say I've ever felt that way before. Not even close). But I will do another when spring rolls around, making this a seasonal tradition.

If you're interested in trying Love Deep yourself, click here. (Even if you're not in the New York area, they'll ship it to you.) Good luck—and let me know in the comments section, below, how it goes.

First Published January 5, 2012

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