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Rockin' it in Xcaret Mexico

All Cougar’s want to be cherished and felt adored by their men.  Why do some men not reciprocate? 
Because they act like their fathers or their fathers were absent, or they weren’t taught to treat women with respect.
So many times we read in Dear Abby or Ann Landers some man writing in complaining of not enough sex or no sex from his significant other.  I always want to ask these men;

1. What do you look like?  You don’t have to be drop dead handsome, but do you make yourself look as good as you possibly can?  OR does your gut hang over your pants?  What do you smell like?  Are you clean and fresh and wear clean clothes?  In other words do YOU take pride in your appearance? 
2. Do you have a brain?  Are you open to learning new things?  What are your interests?  Do they go beyond a six pack and a Lazy-Boy? 
3. Do have decent personal hygiene?  Or do you belch and scratch your self, pass gas at the dinner table and blame it on a loose floor board?
4. DO YOU HELP AROUND THE HOUSE WITHOUT BEING ASKED? Or do you have to be told what to do like a little boy?
5. Do you tell your woman she is beautiful? Sexy? Feels good in your arms?  You fantasize about her?
OR do you just roll over, stick it in and get the job done, roll over and go to sleep?

Just a few insightful questions that men need to ask themselves before they start complaining about their woman.  NOW, that being said, THIS can also pertain to women as well. Fair balance!

So ladies let’s make sure we check ourselves as well and then ROCK THAT COUGAR ATTITUDE!!

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