I Feel Good About my Sagging Neck

One reader shares how she changed her attitude about aging

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In Nora Ephron's wonderful book, "I Feel Bad About My Neck", she talks about how, after a certain age, our necks go south, literally. 

And it's true. At 47, I have noticed sagging on one side of my neck. This fact made me start googling "facial exercises" and I even resorted to looking at plastic surgery sites for "lower face lift".  But in doing so, something wonderful happened,  I have decided to stop "hating" one part of my body and instead love the parts that are working. 

For instance, while looking at these web sites and seeing the before and after pictures of faces, breasts, etc.   I realized that I actually have beautiful breasts.  My husband has been telling me this for sometime, but I never really believed him.  Now, I do.  So maybe we can all find the parts of us that are working and be thankful for those.  Maybe, you have beautiful thick hair, if so, please appreciate that.  (I don't, mine started thinning at 18 and though it is holding on pretty well, it has definetely been a weak area for me. If this is one of your strong areas, consider yourself very, very lucky.) 

Also, how nice would it have been for us as young girls, teens for instance, to have been complimented on our smooth necks or beautiful muscle tone.  Instead, during those years, many of us felt not thin enough or we would obsess over a bad hair day or one pimple. All the while, not appreciating our beautiful, young energetic bodies.  I am repeatedly telling my young daughters they have beautiful skin and muscle tone.  They are only 5 and 9, so they seem a little uncertain about what I am telling them but they do smile with pride.

Let's face it, if we could project ourselves into the future, when we are in our 80s and 90s we would be telling our "young" selves now how lucky we are too have good energy, to see so well and to hear so well.  Our older selves would chuckle that we wasted any time worrying about such foolish things as sagging, wrinkles or cellulite.    

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joe shmoe05.11.2012

Women generally want to look younger, and see signs of aging, such as sagging neck skin, as undesirable changes. And many men probably feel the same way. But some guys, like me, find a slight sag in a woman's cheeks and neck to be irresistibly sexy.

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