Rewind the Clock: Fixes for the 7 Ugliest Beauty Sins

Pro tricks for erasing sunspots, smokers lines, and other signs that you had a LOT of fun in your 20s.
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Sin: You worshipped the sun

Price: Spotty hands Fast fix: Apply a tinted moisturizer with light-reflecting particles to the tops of your hands. Like a soft-focus lens, the lotion makes discolored areas less apparent. We like Olay Definity Recapture SPF 15 ($30; drugstores); it’s available in three sheer shades. Long-term tips: "Pigment-targeting lasers break up melanin in brown spots, causing them to dry up, then crumble off," says Arielle Kauvar, a New York City dermatologist. Prices start at $400 per session, and you’ll need two or three. To maintain results, apply sunscreen daily and exfoliate your hands regularly with the same skin slougher (such as Retin-A) you use on your face.
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Sin: You picked your pimples

Price: Depressed scars Fast fix: Hide uneven texture with a silicone primer; it helps fill in ice-pick scars. We like Dr. Brandt Flaws No More Skin Perfector ($55; Long-term tips: Using a retinoid such as Retin-A triggers collagen production and smooths the skin’s surface, says Paul M. Friedman, a Houston dermatologist. For deeper scars, he recommends a fractionated laser like Fraxel re:pair, which vaporizes scar tissue, causing new skin to fill in depressed areas. Cost: $800 and up.
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Sin: You wore acrylics-a lot

Price: Weak, dry nails Fast fix: Acrylics deprive nails of oxygen and moisture, leaving them brittle and split prone, says Ji Baek, owner of New York City’s Rescue Beauty Lounge. To boost nails’ flexibility and prevent breakage, hydrate them daily with an oil like Carol’s Daughter Lemon & Jojoba Cuticle Oil ($10; Long-term tip: Keeping nails polished reinforces weak spots and hides yellow tones until new, healthier nails grow in, says Jin Soon, owner of Jin Soon Hand and Foot Spas in New York City.
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Sin: You smoked regularly

Price: A puckered pout Fast fix: A clear, waxy lip liner helps fill in wrinkles around the mouth, making them less noticeable-as well as keeping lipstick from bleeding into and emphasizing the creases. One to try: DuWop Reverse Lip Liner ($19; Long-term tip: "A hyaluronic acid filler [such as Restylane or Juvederm] will plump out lines immediately-and the results should last up to nine months," says Suzanne Kilmer, a Sacramento, California, dermatologist. Cost: from $400 per treatment.
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Sin: You loved heavy hoops

Price: Stretched-out holes Fast fix: Applying see-through Lobe Wonder patches ($12 for 120; to the backs of your earlobes relieves pressure from heavy earrings, minimizing the pull-down and preventing further stretching or tearing. Long-term tip: "A plastic surgeon can cut out the elongated earring hole, sew up the incision, then repierce the lobe about six weeks later, creating a hole as taut as the original," says Gerald Pitman, a New York City plastic surgeon. Cost: from $300 per ear.
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Sin: You got tattooed

Price: Eternal regret Fast fix: There are concealers opaque enough to make a tat disappear; just ask Angelina Jolie. Her pick: Cover Fx Total Coverage Cream Foundation SPF 30 ($42; Makeup artist Wanda Longo suggests choosing a cover-up one or two shades lighter than your skin tone to "white out" the darkest ink. Long-term tip: "The latest pigment-targeting lasers erase most tattoos in five 15-minute sessions," says Robert Guida, a New York City plastic surgeon. Cost: from $500 per treatment.
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Sin: You drank excessively

Price: Bad breath Fast fix: Alcohol reduces saliva, so bacteria don’t get rinsed away. The result? Rancid breath. Years of over-imbibing can make halitosis chronic, says Jeff Golub-Evans, a New York City dentist. To combat bacteria buildup, use alcohol-free products such as Crest Pro-Health Rinse ($8; drugstores) and suck on mints to boost saliva production. Long-term tip: In extreme cases, excess bacteria can lead to gum recession and disease. If you suspect this is the case, see a dentist pronto. Click here for 10 Ways to Spa at Home
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