Secrets to Aging Gracefully (from Real Women Like You)

Why do some women get more vibrant with time? It’s an attitude, not a cream (though a good dermatologist doesn’t hurt). Meet four women whose look and spirit we admire. Which one is most like you?

Styled by Jonny Lichtenstein • Interviews by Genevieve Monsma
Clockwise from top left: Deborah Sawaf (The Glamourista), Dalia Sirkin (The Natural), Donna Mitchell (The Maverick), Elizabeth Hale, MD (The Urban Preppy)
Photograph: Ari Michelson

THE GLAMOURISTA: Deborah Sawaf, Los Angeles-based creator of Thale Blanc accessories
She is alluring, confident and supremely well traveled, And she doesn’t pretend she just “woke up like this.” Glossy hair, a spicy scent, a well-moisturized neck wrapped in bling: this is a woman who invests in her appearance. The only time she kicks off the stilettos? When she hits the gym or climbs into bed. Here, one glamourista’s advice

Make Your Hair Gleam
“As a kid in India, I learned to apply oil to my hair before washing it. I left it in for 10 minutes, then cleansed. This prevented overstripping. Typically, the oil was a combination of almond and olive oil. Now, at 49, I still do this. Sometimes I even sleep with the oil in my hair.”

Leave Skin Care to the Experts
“My father is Indian and my mother English; I’ve been blessed with their good genes. But I do get facials every six to eight weeks. Then, after my treatment, the aesthetician mixes products for me to use between visits. I travel so much and am so busy that I trust her to advise me. I also get Botox two or three times a year.”

Dress with Self-Assurance
“I am a very shy person, but I dress confidently, perhaps to overcome that. I love dressing up, and I always take the time to pull myself together, whether I’m going to work, out at night or even to the gym. I go for chic and a bit sexy. If I were ever to create my own clothing line, it would reflect both Coco Chanel and Roberto Cavalli, because I like pearls and fringe.”

Find Filling Foods
“I love to cook. And I am inclined to nibble all day; I am a nervous eater. So I have to find ways to curb that. What works for me is to have some kind of soup for lunch; it really fills me up. Also, a nutritionist told me that apples satisfy your craving for sugar, so I pack a plastic bag with apple slices, then eat one or two pieces when I am in the mood for something sweet.”

Don’t Neglect Your Hands
“I always have my nails done. I once owned a spa in Dubai, and I am diligent about maintenance. I often get gel-polish manicures because they last—something I need with all my traveling.”

Squeeze in a Workout
“Three years ago, I launched Thalé Blanc, and my workout regimen fell off. But my sister is getting married, plus I want to look good long-term, so I’ve started working out every morning again. I jump on the elliptical machine for cardio or use the Versa Climber, which is good for my hips. I use an arm cycle or hand weights for my arms. And I finish with reverse crunches.”

Hop on a Plane
“I find my travel very inspiring. My family and I spend our summers in the South of France, and we use that as our home base while exploring nearby countries. The rest of the year, my work has me jetting back and forth between Los Angeles, Italy and France. Running my own business is exhausting, but my passion for my work, plus the invigorating travel, does help to counteract the fatigue.”

THE NATURAL: Dalia Sirkin, San Jose State English Professor
This spirited and often spiritual woman Believes a curious mind keeps her vital. She probably practices yoga or meditation, she may be an academic (or just live in a college town), she’d rather splurge on fresh produce than fillers, and she attributes her glowing skin and healthy body to clean eating and outdoor adventures. Here, one natural’s advice

Keep Skin Care Simple
“I use an anti-aging serum and moisturizer daily. I grew up in Italy and have an olive, Mediterranean complexion that seems to be holding up pretty well. I do exfoliate regularly with the Onsen Daily Choice Peel [$130;]. It leaves my skin smoother and helps my serum and moisturizer absorb more easily. I’ve never had Botox or fillers; I don’t feel any need for them.”

First published in the July/August 2014 issue

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Jill 09.25.2014

This is a great article, thanks for posting it. As a black woman over 40 it's a bit disappointing to not see any racial diversity included in the group. It would be so welcome if More included more diverse women of color in their articles on beauty, skincare, and health. Celebs and entertainers are always fun to read about but we'd appreciate a few tips on the best hair color for transitioning to grey, or fading age spots, etc. and seeing a these results on non-white models. Keep up the great work, love your magazine.

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