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Celine Kaplan on the payoffs of experience

As told to Alana Peden
celine kaplan
Photograph: Ari Michelson

On choosing America as her home
“I grew up in Paris and came to Manhattan when I was 21 to learn English. I never left. The city was magic and had this entrepreneurial spirit that ultimately inspired me to open my own public relations firm.”

On wanderlust
“When I go on vacation, I always travel to remote spots. The longer the plane ride, the better. My last 
vacation was in South Africa, looking at wildlife. Next is Mozambique.”

On not sweating the small stuff
“Experience is a gift. It helps you han
dle challenging situations because you feel better prepared for anything life sends your way.”

On becoming a redhead
“I’m naturally dirty blonde, but I’ve been a redhead since I got my hair hennaed on vacation in Turkey when I was 19. Eventually I will go white. 
I think it’s very chic.”

On when she feels most beautiful
“I love a Saint Laurent heel, but I feel best biking around the city—
and coming and going as I please.” 

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First published in the April 2014 issue

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