This Is What 50 Looks Like

Confidence is the key to graceful aging, says jewelry designer Ippolita Rostagno

As told to Alana Peden
ippolita rostagno image
Photograph: Ari Michelson

On having artistic DNA
“I grew up in Italy with creative parents; my dad was a theater director and my mother a painter. I came to the U.S. to pursue dance, but as it became clear it would be hard to make a living that way, I began to design jewelry.”

On buying feel-good bling
“To me, jewelry is less about how it looks and more about how it feels. The right piece will make you behave more confidently.”

On keeping things simple
“If you exercise and eat well, you need less makeup. The only cosmetic I cannot live without is Lancôme Définicils mascara [$28;].” 

On letting her hair be
“I think I’m lucky to have curly hair; it frees you because there isn’t a whole lot you can do with it! I use DevaCurl No-Poo cleanser [$19;] and DevaCurl One Condition [$19;] and let it air-dry. In the morning, I shake my head out and go.”

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First published in the June 2014 issue

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Sandra 07.22.2014

Staying young at heart is a sure cure for aging.Your age is a number that can enhance your life or defeat you. It is all up to you.
#Anti Aging #Beauty

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