Who's aging better?

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  My reply to:  Who’s aging better you or your bff?

     I went home to visit my family in Ohio and one of my first visits was to my mother’s cousin "Iris".  Iris is seventy-three years old, she fought cancer and lost all her hair, and almost died from a gastrointestinal illness. Never in my life have I seen someone looking as radiant and happy as Iris.  She married at a very early age (fifteen) and had eight children, she has grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  I have always known Iris to be happy and always smiling even when the worst was happening. Iris glows when she smiles.   My conclusion:  a positive outlook on life as well as a happy attitude are in my opinion the best secret for staying young looking.  Iris’s hair has grown back after it all fell off from the chemo treatments, she has a beautiful complexion and wrinkles are not visible.  She has been a hairdresser all of her adult life and her customers adore her. Eating well, drinking lots of water and a healthy exercise routine is great however, what does Iris do to stay young looking?  a positive attitude, a feeling of happiness in your heart and taking life just one day at a time.

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