Fabulous Fragrances

They're all singular in their own way, but these 10 scents do have one thing in common: All have become extraordinary successes. In the market for a new perfume? You may want to start right here . . .

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Dior J’Adore, $60-$98

Even if you can’t afford Dior couture, you can live la vida luxe by spritzing on the fashion house's sophisticated, still best-selling 1999 launch.



Photo courtesy of Dior

Robert Piguet Fracas, $25-$120

This tuberose, jasmine, gardenia mix (in its iconic black flacon) has stood the test of time. It remains as popular today as it was when it debuted three quarters of a century ago.



Photo courtesy of Sephora

Yves Saint Laurent Opium, $50-$80

Launched in 1977, this spicy-floral scent was inspired by Saint Laurent’s own fascination with the Far East.



Photo courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent

Jennifer Lopez Glow by J. Lo, $11.99-$49.50

Jennifer Lopez’s debut fragrance launch, a distillation of orange flower, sandalwood and vanilla, is described as fresh, sexy and clean, which—given its awe-inspiring sales figures—is exactly how countless women want to smell.



Photo courtesy of Kohl's

Estée Lauder Beautiful, $30-$84

There is said to be a bouquet of 1,000 flowers (including lily, marigold, rose and orange blossom) in each bottle of Beautiful .  .  . which may explain this scent's popularity among brides and anyone else seeking an intensely romantic fragrance.



Photo courtesy of Estée Lauder

Philosophy Amazing Grace, $15-$60

Amazing is an apt description for this best-selling soft floral. It's also spawned a slew of companion products: body lotions, spritzes, shower gels, etc., to satisfy customer demands for even more Grace.



Photo courtesy of Philosophy

Chanel No. 5, $50-$260

Marilyn Monroe famously claimed she went to bed in nothing but Chanel No. 5, which may explain in part why this classic scent is still such a top seller.



Photo courtesy of Chanel

Prescriptives Calyx, $52

Fans of this grapefruit, mandarin, muguet and vetiver scent were so distraught when the brand folded, parent company Estée Lauder brought it (along with several other Prescriptives best sellers) back to market.



Photo courtesy of Macy's

cK One Eau de Toilette, $62

Launched in 1994, this “unisex” fragrance for both men and women features a clean citrusy scent and a bold, brazen attitude.



Photo courtesy of Macy's

Thierry Mugler Angel, $25-$167

This first perfume by designer Thierry Mugler—a mix of bergamot, honey and chocolate described as an “Oriental gourmand”—has been a consistent top seller since its launch in 1992.



Photo courtesy of Sephora

First Published April 3, 2011

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