11 Chic Hairstyles

Love the idea of tossing your hair up or sporting beachy waves—but not sure what is age appropriate? Danilo, stylist to the stars and Pantene’s global ambassador, creates 11 looks that are truly DIY

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Almost Updo

To prep Jackie’s jaw-length bob, Danilo sprayed in dry shampoo, giving the hair grip. Then he created a deep side part, teased the hair on top and slicked the sides back with pomade. If your hair is long enough, you can achieve a French-twist effect by tucking the two sides under where they meet in the back, then pinning down the “seam.” 

Micaela Rossato

Side Knot

Danilo pulled Trese’s hair into a side ponytail, secured it with an elastic and tied a ribbon around the base. He then divided the ponytail in two and used the loose ribbon as a third section so he could “braid” the tail. He finished by wrapping the braid around the elastic, bun style, and pinning.

Micaela Rossato

Beach Waves

Danilo applied leave-in conditioner to Sarah’s damp hair to prevent frizz, then wrapped two-inch-wide sections around twisty rods (we like Goody Flexible Rod Rollers ($15; target.com) and diffuse-dried the hair. The finale: He unwrapped the rods and tousled.

Micaela Rossato

Faux Bob

Danilo created Trese’s asymmetrical, 1920s-inspired ’do by gathering her hair into a loose side ponytail, securing it with an elastic at chin level (rather than at the scalp), then tucking the ends under and pinning them in place. The finishing touch: a sparkly pin from Colette Malouf ($62; colettemalouf.com). 

Micaela Rossato

Band Leader

A slicked, off-the-face style sounds cool, but it’s a bit extreme for most of us to pull off. A better bet: Comb the hair off the face and slide in a grownup head-band like this feathered one from Marie Hayden ($78; mariehayden.com). For a modern effect, Danilo teased the hair at the crown to add height just behind the headband.

Micaela Rossato

Slick Style

To create this sophisticated style, Danilo used a leave-in conditioner to dampen Jackie’s hair. Then he created a deep side part, combed the hair smooth and tucked the ends behind the ears. A final light mist of hairspray kept flyaways and broken hairs from popping up along her part.

Micaela Rossato

Ballerina Bun

The top knot isn’t just for teenagers; it’s cool and anti-aging (it really does lift!). Plus, it’s easy to create: Danilo gathered Sarah’s hair into a high ponytail, secured it with an elastic, then wrapped the tail around the elastic and pinned it in place. For a softer effect, he massaged a brush along the hairline to loosen some tendrils.

Micaela Rossato

Nape Wrap

This neat, timeless style is achieved with these simple steps: First, Danilo gathered Sarah’s hair into a low ponytail, leaving a two-inch-wide section loose beneath the ponytail at the nape. Next, he wrapped an elastic once around the base of the ponytail; then, on the second wrap, he pulled the ponytail halfway through the elastic, catching the ends to create a loop. Finally, he took the loose section of hair at the nape, wrapped it around the base of the tail and pinned it in place.

Micaela Rossato

Braided Bun

If you can French braid, this style will be easy for you. Danilo created a deep side part on Trese, then French braided from the part in both directions, keeping the plaits close to the head and the hairline. When the two braids met in the back of the head, he wove them together in a traditional braid and secured it at the end with an elastic. He then coiled the braid like a bun, pinned it in place and slid in a large metal pin from Colette Malouf ($118; colettemalouf.com).

Micaela Rossato

Side Clip

Not nimble fingered? No sweat; anyone can pull off this flattering style, shown on both Trese and Sarah. For each, Danilo created a deep side part in dry hair, combed the sparser side back over the ear and secured it with a statement-making accessory. On Trese (left), two edgy metal combs from Pluie ($138 each; pluiehair.com); on Sarah (below), a sparkly clip from Jennifer Behr ($368; jennifer​behr.com). For a similar effect, slide in a simple barrette to hold the hair, then top with a brooch or clip-on earring. 

Micaela Rossato

Pin It

A great way to camouflage growing out bangs—or get hair off your face on a hotday: the at-the-temple clip. On Jackie, Danilo created a side part, smoothed the hair across the forehead and slid in two jeweled bobby pins from Erickson Beamon Rocks ($28; bonton.com).


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Micaela Rossato

First published in the June 2014 issue

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