Supermodel Hair Made Easy?

A top celebrity stylist makes getting Gisele-like hair sound simple

By Genevieve Monsma
Gisele Bundchen
Gisele Bundchen sporting perfectly-tousled waves

Spend an afternoon with Adir Abergel, creative director for Fekkai haircare (and the man behind the enviably undulating tresses of Gisele Bundchen and "Jessie" Biel, as Abergel calls her), and you will walk away thinking you can work miracles on your mane. He showed us these three tricks for coaxing sexy texture out of any hair, whatever its natural proclivity.

1. Squeeze-dry your hair with the quicker-picker-upper: Abergel is not a paid spokesperson for Bounty, but he should be. He suggests using this specific brand of paper towel, rather than your bath towel, to gently squeeze water from your hair post-shower. "The paper doesn't create as much friction as a towel so your hair ends up less frizzy. It also absorbs more water than a cloth towel, really speeding up your drying time," he explains. Note: The gentle squeezing action also seems to "set" waves better than air-drying alone. I am a naturally-wavy-haired gal myself and, after trying this trick on my own hair this morning, found my waves a bit tighter (nearly spirally)—and that texture did endure all day.

2. Steam-curl your strands. For softer waves, a la old Hollywood, most stylists will use a large-barrelled curling iron to roll the hair under—then they'll clip the sections into loose pincurls while they cool. However, wielding a big iron at home can be risky business (as someone who's had crusty burns on both her neck and fingertips, I can attest to that), so Abergel recommends using Caruso steam rollers (they were omnipresent in the '70s—every teenage girl had a set) instead. "These rollers create big, bouncy curls, but don't feel as hot to the touch as dry heat tools," he says. Just roll them in, then sit tight and sip your coffee (or pinot, depending on the time of day) while they cool.

3. Prevent root poof by channeling Pocahontas. The sexiest tousled looks today (think Gisele or Sarah Jessica Parker) are straighter at the roots, with waves that don't begin until the temples. To achieve this at home, Abergel suggests pulling a terry cloth headband over damp strands akin to Roger Federer (or John Smith's famous friend, above) to pull the hair straighter on top as it dries. If your hair is naturally pretty straight, you may also braid the hair that's hanging loose to encourage additional texture. Then, take the headband off once the hair's fairly dry (and certainly before you venture into public).

Tempted to try some of these tricks? Let us know how it goes if you do—or if have some tousled textured tips up your sleeve, don’t hold out on us. Share your thoughts, below.

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