Back to My Roots: A Diary of Going Gray

Anne Kreamer decided to stop coloring her hair and embrace her gray natural look. This is her journey back to her roots.

By Anne Kreamer
Anne Kreamer, before and after.
Photograph: Photo by: Chris Fanning

Winter 2004
December 21
Not such good feedback. At a party, a friend remarks, "Oooh, how lovely. You’re going gray — just like a man!"
New Year’s Eve
I feel like backing out. Three months into the process and my hair is now coming in pretty clearly white and gray. There is no doubt in my eyes: I look older. My fantasy — looking like an awesome 40-year-old with snow white hair — probably won’t come true. Everyone I know says they like the "softer" color I have now, but I feel more tentative. I’m sure that when people glance at my horrible roots, they think I have let myself go. To bear their condescending looks of concern or even contempt requires seriously thick skin. If I weren’t writing about this experience, I know I would crumple.
January 14
I go back to the colorist. I get more light highlights pulled through to blend the roots into my overall color. This time, the rinse she applies makes me feel really cheap-looking. I hate it, but what can I do? I can’t strip the color out — the processing would make me look like the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, with a head of straw. The best thing to do is just let it grow out.
March 5
It was the dreariest February, and it feels as if my hair is mirroring the weather and my mood. But at the gym I see I’ve lost six pounds. If going gray is what it takes to get me in shape, that, at least, is a silver lining.

Spring 2005
April 5
It is taking forever to grow out! I’m neither here nor there.
May 2
In a single day, I hear the full range of opinions. As I step outside to pick up my morning newspaper, my vibrant, 84-year-old gray-haired neighbor says, "I love the way the gray is coming in." Coming into the house this afternoon, her sexy, 50-something dyed-blonde daughter blurts out, "Why do you want to go making yourself look older? I’d never do that!"
May 8
I hate this growing-in phase. I should have just bitten the bullet and cut my hair short at the beginning. But I believe my long hair is sexier and more feminine than short. I am also feeling proud of myself. I’m past the "one day at a time" phase, when I couldn’t stop thinking about my roots, or girding myself not to. Now it’s like watching bulbs peek out from under the winter snow: I begin to sense the new me, light gray around my face and steel gray in back. Most of the time I actually like the two-tone quality, since it reflects precisely my stage in life: neither young nor old, but an intriguing equilibrium.

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I am glad I found this article it gives me hope. I have been growing my hair out for 5 months now and its at that stage where I am getting offers from colorists off the street about discounts on getting my hair done. I guess in L.A. it's hard to comprehend the going gray.
I am 55 and 2 of my younger sisters have done this and look beautiful. I made the decision without consulting the man I am dating. And he told me the other day that he thought the gray hair was sexy.

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