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15 Box Braids Hairstyles That Rock

Whether you call them box braids, jumbo braids, or even Poetic Justice braids, this trendy hairstyle is one to try. Not only is it a fun look, but it's also a great style for girls trying to protect their natural hair in the cold winter months. Check out these 15 box braids hairstyles to keep your look fresh.

Big 'Beyonce' Bun


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Remember after Beyonce gave birth to Blue Ivy and rocked that box braids bun? Of course you do. In memory of that style, French beauty blogger Priscilla from Mercredie created this box braids hairstyle. Now all that's keeping you from being as flawless as Bey is a stretchy headband and some bobby pins.

Photo: Mercredie

"The Maze" Style

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The hair blogger from Kyss My Hair recommends using a big stretchy headband to keep your hair together in this box braids hairstyle. The headband won't pull on your braids and can be easily hidden by the style.

Photo: KyssMyHair

High Bun with Side Bang

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To get vlogger MissKenK's braided bang-and-bun look, create a loose braid with the bang pieces crossing over the top of your head and into the bun. Separate the braids in your bun into two sections, braiding each. Twist them around until they've formed the bun, tuck, and pin to secure.

Photo: MissKenK

Heart Bun

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Even though this look seems like it takes a lot of work, vlogger SuperChiomy shows that it's easier than you think to achieve. Just separate the pieces of a high ponytail into two parts, and braid them to the ends. Then, in an alternating motion, twist them into a braid, and secure them tightly.

Photo: SuperChiomy

"The Ring" Style

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To achieve this simple yet elegant style, Kyss from the Kyss My Hair blog says to start twisting all your braids in one direction. In one motion, swoop them all back to one side, and secure with bobby pins.

Photo: KyssMyHair

Braided Half-Up Style

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This look is a great one for box braids newbies. Vlogger Sage Ogun created this quick and cute look by pulling back the pieces from the front and creating one large braid. Be sure to pat the braids down so that they're flat. Use your favorite mousse to eliminate fly-aways and give it shine.

Photo: Sage Ogun

Pocahontas Braid

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This look is the classic half-up look. But Mercredie blogger Priscilla adds a simple twist: a braid. The cool part about doing this style with box braids is that you don't need any pins or hair ties.

Photo: Mercredie

Pompadour Bun

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The beauty blogger at Mercredie has no shortage of box braids hairstyles, and this one might be our favorite. After creating a high ponytail off to one side, separate it into three sections, and braid each. Make a lopsided crown out of the braids by pulling to the opposite side of the ponytail, and secure with as many bobby pins as you can.

Photo: Mercredie

Twisted Back Bangs

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Vlogger SuperChiomy braided from the front and tied the braids into a knot in the back. If you're feeling more relaxed, leave the braids down for a boho chic style.

Photo: Super Chiomy

Flower Bun

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Hair-blogging twin sisters at MyBlackHair created this classy flower bun hairstyle for your box braids. Taking small sections from a ponytail, twist them around your finger to create "curls." These curls will form your flower. Continue until all the pieces have been curled and pinned.

Photo: MyBlackHair

Mini Front Bun

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Priscilla from Mercredie moves the top section to the front, then quickly braids it all the way to the end. After a twist around, leave the last bit of the braid out, and pin it down to secure.

Photo: Mercredie

High Front Twist

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This box braids hairstyle—created by the French hair blogger at Revele-toi—starts by making a heart-shaped twist with a small section of front braids. Gather those pieces with the side braids into a ponytail. Twist the pony into a braid, and be sure to tuck in all the ends.

Photo: Revele-Toi

Faux Hawk

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Vlogger Tiara Monet rocks this faux hawk style. Start by creating a fishtail-braid–type weave from the back to the front. Then pin it back, and mold it to the height you want.

Photo: Tiara Monet

Double Bang with Pony

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We like blogger Peakmill's box braids hairstyle because it's an eye-catcher. Start by securing the side-swept bang under the pieces for the braided bang. Once the braid is complete, pin it back, going in the opposite direction of the first bang.

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Photo: Peakmill

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