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Katharine McPhee's Ever-Changing Hairstyles

See how Kat's hairstyles have changed over the years—she is definitely one lady who's not afraid to take a risk!

Long and Wavy

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Shortly after ending her American Idol stint in 2006 (where she came in 2nd place!) McPhee rocked this fun look, pairing her long, wavy locks with hoop earrings.

Mid-Length and Wavy

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She later opted to keep the waves, but cut the hair a little shorter -- and she still looks fabulous.

Long and Straight with Bangs

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At a movie premiere she straightened her hair and decided to try bangs. She also mixed it up by adding some light brown highlights.

Wavy with a Side Part

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McPhee glammed up for this red carpet event, wearing her hair over her shoulder along with a sultry side part.

Short and Platinum Blond

5 / 9

Going from long and dark brown to cropped and bright blond, she made the ultimate hair switcheroo -- and she pulled it off flawlessly.

Blond Bob

6 / 9

She continued to show her hair versatility by keeping the blond color, but this time she wore it in a cute bob.

Back to Brown

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The natural brunette went back to her dark roots and showed off her great features with this sweet, pulled-back updo

Brown Bob

8 / 9

McPhee rocked a summery look at this event, keeping her hairstyle short and sweet.

Dark Brown and Shoulder-Length

9 / 9

Here's McPhee's look today for her new show, Smash. She's returned to her original dark brown wavy hair, but this time with a great shoulder-length cut.

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