Going Gray Against All Odds

Her stylist begged her to stick with the dye. Now everyone loves her natural look.

by Monica Sacco • More.com Member { View Profile }

I’d had been dyeing my hair for some six years, since my first white strands appeared (around 38). I liked playing with red-violet hues over my very brunette mane. Useless to say, I never attempted golden highlights because my natural color turns into a hideous orange after de-coloration: no blond for me, ever.

But gray evidence came out at 46: I began to notice that my dye lasted less than two weeks and hair growth revealed silver. What to do? Go to my stylist once a week to cover up my shameful gray hairs? Wear a wig? Shave my skull? Eek! So I decided to go gray. My stylist called me "Cruella DeVille" after my silver bangs; my hubbie worried about me looking (too) old; my teen daughter worried about her young-looking mom turning into a wicked version of above-mentioned Ms. DeVille… Fortunately, my hair grows at a very nice rate (over an inch a month!) and my gray hair began to overcome old dyes…and prejudices.

Moreover, I wanted back that hair silkiness which I enjoyed so many years, and which was hindered by an excess of hair color (no matter the good quality of dye and all the haircare products I used). After a year or so, I finally got rid of the remaining dyed hair, and my silver strands successfully came out shiny and silky.
My original dark brown has softened to a most becoming ash-brown spiced with silver, and the whole looks very elaborate! I’ve been asked where I got such stylish highlights. You can’t imagine the surprise when I answer: "It’s not highlights, color or anything else: it’s just gray!"

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