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Hair How-To: Bumble...

Hair How-To: Bumble and Bumble’s Super-Cool Bun

At Fall Fashion Week in New York, Bumble and bumble editorial stylist Laurent Philippon created this cool twisted bun for the Behnaz Sarafpour presentation.  “With Behnaz this season, we wanted to bring a little bit of a pattern into the hair,” Laurent said. “We decided to go for a ballerina shape with a lot of gel and a little bit of shine afterward.” Looking for something special to spice up your everyday updos? Here’s how to get this nifty braided look. 

1. Load Up on Gel
Laurent and his team used lots of alcohol-free Bb Gel—almost a half a tube for each model in the show. He used his fingers to work the gel into the hair and create thick, piecey lines. Once the hair was sufficiently coated, Laurent finger-combed the hair back into a ponytail. Use a gel that dries with soft hold, not crunchy stiffness.
2. Tie Up in Knots
The texture in this style comes from actually making knots in the hair. “To create the chignon,” Laurent says, “We’re loading the ponytail with gel again and then making knots all the way until the end.” Take the whole ponytail in your hand and twist it into a single knot. (Don’t split the pony into two sections and make the knot that way!) Then repeat. For medium-length hair, two knots should do; long hair may need three knots. As you’re working, hit hair with a few sprays of Bb Classic Hairspray to create extra hold.
3. Pin and Secure
Tuck the loose ends under and use hair pins to secure them inside the bun. To finish, mist hair with a few spritzes of Bumble’s Shine On (and On) Finishing Spray for a touch of sparkle.

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