How to Preserve Your Hair Color

Celebrity colorist Rita Hazan shares this strategy for keeping your hair color vibrant all summer long

by Jennifer Scruby
foaming color gloss image
Rita Hazan Foaming Color Gloss
  • At the beach or pool, protect your scalp and strands by wetting your hair with a mix of one liter of water and a capful of sunscreen, then slicking it back in a ponytail.
  • Before swimming, coat your strands with conditioner; this makes color molecules less apt to slide out when you hit the water. Post-swim, rinse your hair with bottled spring water.
  • If, despite your best efforts, you still notice an unwanted change in tone, try a tinted leave-in product such as Rita Hazan Foaming Color Gloss ($26; It will counter brassiness and help revive a faded hue.

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First published in the May 2013 issue

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