I Ditched the Hair Dye

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I've never been more confident with my natural hair color.

Hello, my name is Rose, and I’ve never been happier with my new hairdo!

Oh my goodness, what a difference a dye makes! Seriously, this was truly a no-brainer, and I am sorry it took me so long to figure it out. As my daughter said when she saw me, "What is there not to love about it?" A simple, short, to-the-point statement, but oh-so-true.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways: Now when I work out, I don’t have to worry about the hair dye coming off on the gym sweat towel. Now I don’t have to worry about the gray showing around my temples and me trying to hide it.  No more fuss, expense or time lost at the salon.  New eye makeup, fun new earrings and the most rewarding of all… I’ve never felt more comfortable and confident. It tells people, this is who I am and I love it!

So, if you are considering ditching the dye, go for it, ladies—and while you are at it, get a new hairdo. I did. By the way, men love it and I get compliments from young and not so young men all the time. My husband loves it. A total stranger waited for me to walk up to the grocery store from the parking lot just to tell me how stunning my hair looked. That never happened to me during the 19 years I dyed my hair! Come on ladies and get on board, you will love the ride.

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