Insider Secrets: 4 Ways to Sun-Proof Your Color

Feeling brassy? Celeb colorist Rita Hazan knows what to do

Colorist Rita Hazan

1. Slather on sunscreen
Like your skin, your hair needs protection from UV rays—or you risk suffering "oxidation," a process in which your hair turns a funky hue (typically  something in the not-found-in-nature orange family). To prevent this, Hazan swears by Phyto Plage L’Original Beach Spray ($22;, a light oil that deflects the sun’s rays before they can mess with your haircolor. Spritz it on daily, then style as usual.

2. Hate hats? Don a mask instead
Coating your hair in a deep-conditioning mask protects your hair nearly as well as a hat—and you’ll have the added benefit of giving dry tresses a moisture boost. Bonus: The heat of the sun ensures greater, faster penetration of the conditioner’s hydrating ingredients. Hazan’s favorite: Nigelle DS Treatment for Tender Feel ($26;

3. Gloss over it
Getting a clear gloss treatment at the salon (typically around $50) gives colored strands an extra layer of protection from the sun, says Hazan. (The effect lasts about four to six weeks.) You can gloss at home too with Rita Hazan Ultimate Shine Gloss ($26;

4. Cleanse with a neutralizing shampoo
If your color has already taken on an orange-y tint, Hazan says to neutralize it with a purple-toned shampoo such as Clairol Shimmer Lights ($9; But don’t suds up with this formula more than once a week; too frequent cleansing can leave your hair looking ashy.

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