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Our Favorite Prom Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair

Prom is right around the corner, and finding the right hairstyle is almost as important as finding the right dress. Prom hairstyles for medium-length hair can be fun, flirty, simple, and completely glamorous. Whether you're the prom queen or working the decoration committee, you're sure to find the perfect prom hair idea here!

Formal Half-Up Hairstyle

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Show off your beautiful face with this fab half-up, half-down prom hairstyle by Twist Me Pretty. Created by knotting individual strands together, the result looks effortless, and it'll definitely photograph well from all angles.

Photo: Twist Me Pretty

The Friendship Knot

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No date? No problem! This friendship knot by Hair Romance is an easy prom hairstyle for medium-length hair, and you only need hair elastics and bobby pins to create it. Perfect for the bohemian gal, this hairstyle is both simple and romantic.

Photo: Hair Romance

Half-Up Looped Braid

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If you've mastered the waterfall braid, step it up a notch with this half-up looped braid by Missy Sue. The added steps will make you look like the braid expert you are. This complex hairstyle is perfect for any prom look.

Photo: Missy Sue

The Knot Hawk

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If you want a prom hairstyle with an edgy vibe, look no further than this faux-hawk style from Goldfish Kiss. Easy to do, this updo will get your hair out of your face and help you make the best-dressed list.

Photo: Goldfish Kiss

Twisted Half-Up

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Another variation of a half-up, half-down prom hairstyle, this twisted half-updo by The Small Things Blog is perfect for when you want to party with your friends without worrying about your hair getting in your face.

Photo: The Small Things Blog

Half-Up Braided Crown

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If you have thick hair, this braided-crown hairstyle is perfect for your prom look. Treasures & Travels created an easy tutorial anyone can do. Plus, this look will stay in place from pictures on your front lawn to the last dance.

Photo: Treasures & Travels

Quick Twist

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Whether you have short or medium-length hair, The Beauty Department has a tutorial for you. A sleek and chic updo, this simple twist is guaranteed to make you look elegant and pulled-together on your big night.

Photo: The Beauty Department

Easy Chignon

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Beautiful and simple, this chignon by Ulrika Elder at Yet Another Beauty Site is perfect for a girl who wants an update on a classic look.

Photo: Yet Another Beauty Site

The Gibson Tuck

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Classy and effortless, this updo by The Freckled Fox is a prom look that will make you unforgettable.

Photo: The Freckled Fox

Easy + Pretty Updo

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Look smart and sophisticated with this classic updo from Anne Sage. Using a spiral bobby pin and a hair elastic, you can elevate your basic bun to a glamorous prom hairstyle for medium hair.

Photo: Anne Sage

Irregular Braided Headband Hairstyle

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This irregular braided headband by Bebe XO is perfect for prom night. Uneven three-strand braids combine to create a look that is both soft and romantic. You can pair your braids with either loose waves or straight strands.

Photo: Bebe XO

French-Braid Bun

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A sleek French braid and a low side bun combine in this tutorial by Once Wed for a sophisticated prom hairstyle.

Photo: Once Wed

Fishtail-Braided Headband

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Take the festival look to prom with this tutorial by Chapter Friday. Loose curls are all you need to finish off this boho-chic prom hairstyle for medium-length hair.

Photo: Chapter Friday

Lace-Braid Updo

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Dance all night and keep your hair out of the way with this lace braid updo by Yet Another Beauty Site. It looks more challenging than it is, but a lace braid is sure to impress.

Photo: Yet Another Beauty Site

A Little Bow

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Keep it simple with this chic bow by The Small Things Blog, the perfect prom hairstyle for medium-length hair. If you have a lot of layers in your hair, add a few bobby pins and hairspray for stability.

Photo: The Small Things Blog

Half-Up Fishtail Braid

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Fishtails work no matter how long your hair is, so this prom hairstyle by Yet Another Beauty Site is perfect for the girl who wants a soft, romantic prom look.

Photo: Yet Another Beauty Site

Reverse-Crown Braid

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Instead of a half-crown braid, go all out with this reverse-crown braid by A Beautiful Mess. Starting from one side of your hair, take one third of your hair and begin braiding. Check out the full tutorial here to create a romantic, springlike look that's a perfect prom hairstyle for medium hair.

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

Two Twisted Buns

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Creating two twisted buns instead of one adds an extra element of interest to your prom look. This tutorial from Join the Mood will also add the illusion of more hair if you have thin tresses or fall on the short side of medium-length hair.

Photo: Join the Mood

Fancy Side Ponytail

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For sporty girls who want to make a statement, look no further than this prom hairstyle by The Small Things Blog. All you need is a teasing comb, a hair elastic, and a few bobby pins to make this look work for you.

Photo: The Small Things Blog

Rolled Chignon

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Simple and effortless, the rolled chignon is the perfect prom hairstyle for the girl on the go. All you need to create this look by Once Wed are bobby pins, elastic hair bands, and hairspray. Don't worry; this updo can withstand even the most outrageous prom emergency.

Photo: Once Wed

Half-Crown Braid

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The Freckled Fox is at it again. No matter how you do it, a half-crown braid is a perfect prom hairstyle for medium-length hair.

Photo: The Freckled Fox

Half-Crown Bun

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Nikki is our go-to girl for beauty's latest trends, whether it's liquid blush or this half-crown bun. Start by creating two simple twists, one on each side of your head, and put it all up in a bun. The 'do is glam, easy, and versatile—check out Hello to Beauty for the full tutorial.

Photo: Hello to Beauty

Low + Loose Bun

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To create this romantic prom look by Hair and Makeup by Steph, start with loose curls and pin them up in a low bun for a casual and sophisticated look.

Photo: Hair and Makeup by Steph

Simple Chignon Updo

24 / 40


In a rush? Look sleek and polished with this simple prom hairstyle by A Beautiful Mess.

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

Vine Braid

25 / 40


This is a prom hairstyle for all the braid masters out there. It may not be the easiest style, but Instabraid has a tutorial that will help you master this tricky braid just in time for prom.

Photo: Instabraid

Romantic Braided Updo

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Start with curls, and end with a romantic braided updo from M Loves M. The perfect prom hairstyle for medium-length hair, this look is one you can use for formal events to come.

Photo: M Loves M

Twisted Chignon

27 / 40


Mix boho and class to create this prom look by Rubi Jones. Two twists are all it takes for this simple prom hairstyle.

Photo: Rubi Jones

Twisted Low Roll

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Another easy boho look, this romantic look by Slashed Beauty is sure to impress on prom night.

Photo: Slashed Beauty

Rope-Braid Chignon

29 / 40


Upgrade your chignon with this rope-braid style by The Beauty Department. This prom hairstyle looks both effortless and romantic and will give you extra time for your nails and makeup.

Photo: The Beauty Department

Crazy Braids

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Show off your braiding skills with this multi-braided updo by Missy Sue. Check out the full tutorial for a prom look that's sure to wow.

Photo: Missy Sue

Messy Upside-Down French-Braid Bun

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The extra effort to create this messy upside-down French-braid bun will be totally worth it when you rake in the compliments. Check out this tutorial by The Merry Thought for a prom hairstyle you'll love.

Photo: The Merry Thought

Greek Updo

32 / 40


Clear mind, full braids—can't lose. Am I right? Try this sophisticated Greek-inspired updo from Beauty and Mess for a prom hairstyle that will keep your strands out of your face all night long.

Photo: Beauty and Mess

Horizontal-Twist Updo

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Shoulder-length beauties, this horizontal-twist updo is for you! This look alters the classic French twist just enough to elevate your prom look. Check out the full tutorial at Parlor so you can create this elegant look with ease.

Photo: Parlor

Flowered + Braided Updo

34 / 40


Make any updo look glamorous with the addition of braids and a few coordinating blooms. Mademoiselle Ruta brings this romantic prom look that's sure to bring spring to the dance floor.

Photo: Mademoiselle Ruta

Side Chignon

35 / 40


If you're bored with the classic chignon but want a prom hairstyle that's just as simple, check out this tutorial from Pencil Shavings Studio. By moving the chignon to the side, you get a fresh, romantic look that you can do in minutes.

Photo: Pencil Shavings Studio

Fishtail-Braided Faux-Hawk Bun

36 / 40


Easier than it looks, this prom hairstyle by Annies Forget Me Knots is perfect if you want to show off the back of your dress.

Photo: Annies Forget Me Knots

Messy Four-Braid Updo

37 / 40


Four braids, bobby pins, and a lazy-girl attitude are all you need to create this effortless prom hairstyle by Latest-Hairstyles.

Photo: Latest-Hairstyles

Easy Headband Updo

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For another variation of a twisted roll, this tutorial by The Headband Project will get you out the door and on the dance floor in no time.

Photo: The Headband Project

Dutch Braid

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Slightly more difficult than a French braid—but easier than a five-strand braid—this Dutch-braid prom hairstyle by Hair Romance is elegant and will keep your hair out of your face all night long.

Photo: Hair Romance

Bohemian Festival Knot Braid

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It's hard to resist this knotted fishtail-crown braid by A Beautiful Mess. This prom hairstyle was made for medium-length hair, and the knot acts as the perfect finishing touch for this style.

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

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