One Woman, Three Hair Lengths

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The cut: All-one-length locks that fall to the lower back The color: Natural honey brown, no gray The verdict: "Long hairnever really felt like me," says Robshaw-Turnbull, who grew out her hair in order to donate it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, a program that makes wigs for women battling cancer and the effects of chemotherapy. "The last time I had my hair cut, a few years ago, the stylist mentioned that I should have donated it to a wig-making program-which I wish he’d suggested before he started cutting," she says. But the donation idea stuck, and Robshaw-Turnbull didn’t set foot in a salon again for two years. "I just wore my hair back in a ponytail or a braid as it got longer and more unmanageable. I’m not someone who spends any time on her hair. My husband kept bugging me to get it cut-he prefers it shorter because then I wear it down, which he finds sexier. But all that hair was a nuisance. I just told myself it was a means to an end, all for a good cause."
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The cut: A shoulder-length, lightly layered bob The color: Hazan wove in sunny highlights to keep the blunt cut from looking too heavy. The verdict: After Vercher cut off nearly a foot of hair, "my husband told me I looked hot," says Robshaw-Turnbull with a laugh. "He was happy that I finally wore it down, around my face. And it was easy to style: I just washed it, then forgot about it." Robshaw-Turnbull says she also got a number of compliments on both the cut and the brighter color, whereas no one said anything at all when her hair was long.
Photo: John Huba


The cut: Vercher gave the jaw-length style a slightly shaggier shape, with lots of layers in the back and long, sweeping bangs. The color: To accentuate the new shape, Hazan added more highlights and went a shade lighter than the color she’d used on the midlength look. The verdict: "I’ve surprised myself by actually preferring my hair short. I thought the medium cut would be most me, as I’ve never really had a short cut that I felt comfortable in. But I quite like it this length. A number of my friends and family have told me it makes me look younger-and that the style really makes my eyes stand out. Even my brother, who I know loves me but never really says it, told me I looked beautiful. And Ryan, my three-year-old daughter, is dying to cut her long hair now so she can be ‘just like Mommy.’ " "Click here for 5 budget friendly hair tricks’:
Photo: John Huba

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