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18 Bobby Pins Hairstyles Holding Up Our Instagram Feeds

We love our bobby pins for the support they show us every day, so why do we keep them hidden? Instead of begrudgingly (and painfully) hiding them under that bridesmaid updo, try out one of these 18 styles that are proving how cool it is to flaunt them!

Braided Bobbies

1 / 17

How many bobby pins are too many? The limit does not actually exist, and this style from @michellehair proves that to be true!

Sideways Chic

2 / 17 | Instagram

Instead of using a pony tail or a barette to fasten your 'do, try a few stacks of bobby pins to tie it off, like this style from

Don't [Criss]Cross Me

3 / 17

@arty_styles | Instagram

Use bobbies to seriousy jazz up your daily style. Besides, we know you're lying if this look using criss-crossed pins from @arty_styles doesn't make you insanely jealous!

Simply Square

5 / 17

@hairrbyanna | Instagram

This simple hairstyle from @hairrbyanna reminds the world that it's cool to be square, and you can still make a statement!

Stacks On Stacks

6 / 17

Give your hairstyle a vintage vibe by adding a dramatic stack of bobby pins to your hairline like this style from @cosmoprofbeauty. Bonus: it holds your hair back while you dance the night away!


7 / 17

Your bobby pins are doing a lot of work by keeping those tresses up and back from your face, so don't be afraid to show them off in a cute design, like this simple, pulled-back updo from @cosmoprofbeauty!

Follow Your Arrow

8 / 17| Instagram

We're always encouraged to follow our arrow, and TBH, ours is pointing directly to this adorable hairstyle from

Robert's Crown

9 / 17

No need to try and disguise your bobby pins in this crown-like style from @cosmoprofbeauty. Place them strategically around your scalp to both hold your hair in place and flaunt your cute helpers!

Fishy Endings

10 / 17

This style by @glambytoriebliss proves that there doesn't have to be a rhyme or reason for using bobby pins. The addition of a random cluster adds a fun and surprisng twist to any look!

Subtle And Sleek

11 / 17

@latesthair | Instagram

Take your style in a little more subtle of a direction. Hair-colored bobby pins positioned in a fun shape, like this style from @latesthair, add a trendy flair to your look!

Cluster Of Chaos

12 / 17

An asymmetric look is a fantastic option if you're ready to add a more interesting vibe to your 'do. Go for a cluster of bobby pins right at your part line, like @kellyrettenberger does here, to really mix it up!

Doubled Up

14 / 17

The doubled up bobby pins in this look from @abigaylereece making an already-pretty look that much more interesting. Adding an extra row gives your hairstyle more hold in addition to more flair!


15 / 17

If your hairstyle is already on the trendy side, adding a simple design can take it up one more notch without being over the top! Check out this simple, hashtag design from @elianesalonbarber.

Fired Up

16 / 17 | Instagram

A bright, gold-colored bobby pin can be an accessory that just as sleek and glamorous as your favorite barrette. This style from shows how brilliantly it can stand out from a head of vibrantly-colored hair!

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